You've heard the phase, it's never too late to teach old dogs new tricks. But is it ever too early to teach babies how to snowboard?

Last week, at Alpine Meadows, we met this little guy, Bryce Shohfi. He's barely a year old...

"Bryce is 15 months, now," his father, Ben Shohfi told us. 

He's still learning how to walk.

"He's getting a pretty good grasp on walkin'." 

But talkin'? Not so much. 

"Nope," said Samantha May, Bryce's mother. "Not really. He only says a couple words."

But about a month ago, Bryce's parents, who are avid snow boarders, decided to take their kid to the mountain.

"Let's take him to the bunny slope and see what he can do," Ben remembers. 

Sure enough, Bryce did it. And he did it well. 

"I couldn't believe it," said Sam. "Mind blowing, you know?  I just didn't expect him to do as well as he did."

Since that day, Bryce has gone up a half dozen times. 

"His balance is pretty good out there," said Sam. "I think as a young kid, they don't know what to do besides stand there."    

"I'm not ever going push anything on him," said Ben. "I just want to give him the tools to have fun and live a good life in (Lake) Tahoe."