Coloring is a favorite childhood pass time. However, it is not just for kids anymore! Adult are also putting the pencil to the paper. “Ever since I was a little kid, I've always loved it. I've never outgrown it,” says Shannon Dillon, who colors almost nightly. Before she discovered books of detailed drawings for adults, she says, "I was just kind of doodling or finding kids books.” Now, however, Shannon - and apparently thousands of others - are nabbing adult coloring books off store shelves.     

Behavioral Health Therapist at Renown, Judy Primm-Shimahara says adult coloring books have been marketed to stressed-out, over-worked grown-ups for a couple years now. They are growing in popularity because it provides a healthy escape from hectic schedules, work and technology. “When you're coloring, it's coming out of your head. You are taking the anxiety out of your head and it's very soothing and very, very calming." Plus, it helps with focus, concentration and even managing pain. There are so many benefits, Judy says, that she prescribes coloring to some of her patients.

For Shannon, coloring calms her before bed. "I do them nightly. So at the end of my night I like to decompress and I find that I sleep a lot better."

If you're interested in adding a little more color to your calendar - whether you spend minutes or months on a page - experts calls coloring a beautiful get away. If you would like to give it a try, Renown Health posted some samples you can print out for free: