It was supposed to be just a road trip to Southern California.

"I love to travel," said Sparks resident Giuliano Flora.     

But the October trip took a turn. Giuliano, a retired plumber went to a taping of The Price is Right with his wife, sister-in-law, and niece.  
"That was on my bucket list," said Cathy Fischer, his sister-in-law.     
Prior to the taping, Giuliano only watched the show one time. 
"Angela (Giuliano's wife), made me watch "The Price is Right" saying, 'You got to watch this so if you get picked, you'll know what you're doing.' So I watched it, and that was it."

And you guessed it... 
"Giuliano Flora, come on down!!!," announced George Grey.

"Giuliano, Giuliano, you get to go down," Cathy remembered. "Then it took a life of its own."
Instead of heading to contestant's row, Giuliano went on stage. 
"Hey man. How are you? Nice to see you. What's going on?," asked Drew Cary, host of the show. "You're right down there."
"I didn't know what I was doing," Giuliano told us from his Sparks home earlier this week. 

But despite not knowing what to do, Giuliano made it on stage--the legit way. He bid 800 dollars on a row machine worth $859. 
He also spun the wheel. 

"Is he gunna get a dollar?," asked Carey. "A dollar! And he only saw the show one time." 
Giuliano's luck did not end there. He made it to the Showcase Showdown, still slightly confused. 
"I never go shopping. So I don't know what the hell stuff costs."
But Cathy did. 
"I was going 27. 27 27," said Cathy. 

"Give me a price, without going over, for everything together," said Drew. 

"$27,000," replied Giuliano. 

"Gotcha. Good luck."     
And the man, who has only seen the show once, won the whole thing. 
"I won. I couldn't believe it."

Giuliano won a trip to Napa, a 70 inch TV, and a new car. Everything valued at about $33,000 thousand dollars.  He took the prizes, and did not cash out. 

"It was amazing. It was fantastic," he said. "Thank you Drew! Fantastic show. I love you guys.

It was an experience this Sparks family will never forget. 

The episode that featured Giuliano aired on Monday, February 8. It takes roughly 90 days after the episode airs for Giuliano to get his prize.