When moving into a new area, there are several utilities to set in place and it is a good idea to know what to expect with property taxes for your new home.


Let’s start with taxes.  A good resource to use when determining your potential taxes is the county assessor’s office.  Washoe County has an online resource at http://nv-washoe-treasurer.manatron.com.  You can look up by parcel number or address and see the current tax rate along with the past five years.  Whether you pay monthly as part of your loan into an escrow account or pay biannually directly to Washoe County Treasurer’s office, you can calculate the amount using this information. Something else to take into consideration with taxes are that you may be responsible for prepaying those taxes, either a few months or the full year, at closing. Along with prepaying taxes, you may be subject to a tax service fee.  This fee is usually a minor charge, but it ensures that the taxes are up to date and are paid in full prior to you taking ownership.

Another piece of information to review is a “tax cap” or tax exemptions.  While these have tighter restrictions and are difficult to qualify for, they are worth checking especially if you meet the following situations:  Surviving Spouses, Blind Persons, Veterans and Disabled Veterans.  For further definitions and qualifications, please visit the Washoe County Assessor’s office at https://www.washoecounty.us/assessor/index.php.

Electricity and Gas

NV Energy https://www.nvenergy.com  Although they have had a few name changes over the years, NV Energy has supplied power to northern Nevada for over 150 years. In the Reno/Sparks area, NV Energy services over 155,000 customers and 1.3 million across the state of Nevada.


Truckee Meadows Water Authority or TMWA http://tmwa.com A non-profit, community owned water company, TMWA serves over 385,000 residents.  With 182 employees, TMWA wants to ensure 24/7 treatment, delivery and availability of clean high quality water.  To keep costs at a minimum, TMWA also owns and operates a hydroelectric plant running on the Truckee River. This plant generates more than 50 million kilowatt hours and $3 million in revenue. At their main office, TMWA utilizes a 30 kilowatt solar power system that helps offset energy costs.


Waste Management http://www.wm.com Serving more than 21 million customers in North America, Waste Management in northern Nevada offers specialized services for residents.  In Reno and Sparks these  include single stream recycling, excess waste stickers, four trips to the Lockwood Landfill and fall and spring excess waste curbside pickup.  Here is a link to find local recycling centers, landfill and transfer stations http://www.wm.com/find-a-facility.jsp.

Department of Motor Vehicles

After moving to Nevada, residents have 30 days to obtain their Nevada license and register all vehicles. You will need to provide your proof of identity (usually a birth certificate or a previously issued license or ID card) and your social security card to begin the process of getting your new license.  There may be other requirements or testing needed, depending on your individual circumstances.  To register your vehicle(s) you will need to have insurance from a Nevada-licensed insurance company. You may also need to have an emissions inspection for your vehicle.  Most vehicles will need to pass this inspection, but there are exceptions that are listed on their site. You will also need to bring your vehicle(s) to the DMV offices for a VIN inspection. Any vehicle that has been purchased outside of Nevada is required to go through this process. Here is a full listing of requirements and fees http://www.dmvnv.com/newresident.htm

Voter Registration

https://washoecounty.us/voters Upon arrival to the Silver State, you may want to get involved in our politics.  First, you would need to complete your voter registration.  In the Washoe County there are currently  229,799 registered voters with 81,200 as Democrat, 88,665 as Republican, 43,655 non-partisan and 16,279 as other.  With the close number of Republican and Democrat voters and large number of non-partisan, it’s no wonder Nevada has been a battleground state in many of the past elections.

There you have it, the essential information needed when you first move to northern Nevada. Most of this information is for Reno and Sparks specifically, so if you move to an area outside of city limits, there may be other services/providers available.