It's Thyroid Awareness Month. 

Most common thyroid problems involve abnormal production of thyroid hormones - which can affect your entire body.
Dr. Michael Nelson with Sierra Tahoe Wellness Center can talk to you about thyroid disease - which affections hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

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hyperthyroidism is an overactive thyroid and hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism are rapid weight loss, high blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia. Symptoms of hypothyroidism are weak or slow heartbeat, muscular weakness, constant fatigue, weight gain, depression, slow reflexes and sensitivity to cold. 

Goiter is another thyroid condition that causes a visibly enlarged thyroid gland, often causing difficulty swallowing or breathing. 

Thyroid cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women and the fastest growing number of new cases among all cancers in both men and women - due to the increased detection.