As Tommy Dolan was celebrating the opening of the latest and largest dealership in his auto empire in Northern Nevada he learned that he was also headed for the fight of his life in the form of a double lung transplant, brought on by incurable lung disease. 

He underwent the lung transplant this last Saturday and is resting and recovering today.

"It took four world class surgeons 12-and-a-half hours but he came through well. It was the first time they'd ever done a lung transplant at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and they were pleased with the success and how well Tommy's doing," said Tommy's brother Mike. "When they got inside they realized that one his lungs still had 20-30% capacity so they only transplanted one lung. But they also found two arteries in his heart needed by-passes. So they did it all at once and Tommy's doing well."

In fact, Mike Dolan says as his brother woke up he was right back to being Tommy with a few jokes about what had happened.

"We've been inundated with texts and calls from friends asking how he is and we are so thankful it's gone well and that he's recovering well," Mike Dolan added. 

While he'll remain hospitalized for another 20 days or so and have to stay near that clinic for at least another eight months, the family is happy for so many people asking about him. 

"We know people are asking because they are concerned and we love that," Mike Dolan said.