David Michael Slater likes books.

"The book is just sensational," he said as he held a copy of Life of Pi.

Slater has written several books of his own, and got many of them published. 

"21 so far," said Slater. "And I'm still going."  

David writes for children, pre-teens and teens. He also pens some adult fiction novels. But the most personal story in the collection doesn't have a fancy, well-illustrated cover. Instead, it comes in three binders. Inside, you'll find each letter of rejection David received from submitting to publishers. 

"We reviewed your manuscript and it's not quite right for us," one note reads. 

"That's a typical one."

After 16 years of pitching ideas, he's been turned down thousands of times. Originally, he saved the letters to keep track of where he submitted his work. But then he realized the letters had a message of their own. 

"Once I started piling them up, and bringing them to my school visits, I realized it was having a real powerful impression on kids."  

As part of being an author, David gets to tour schools. He brings his binders along with him. 

"I want them to understand that whatever dream they peruse, people are going to say 'no.' And I have plenty of evidence of all the 'no's' that I get."

As far as the story of David goes, it's one about working hard, and finding a little bit of luck. 

"'Would I have gotten lucky if I gave up because of these rejection letters?' And then they get the point."

Resiliency is part of his story, too. 

"We think the opposite of success is failure, and I try to tell them that's not true," he said. "I tell them that failure is part of success."

For more information, go to http://davidmichaelslater.com/