Did you know the way Reno Police Officers are trained is being modeled around the nation? From coast to coast, some of the tactics Reno Police use, are becoming more popular. 

We had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at this training along with some members of the community. This training model has been used in cities like Baltimore, and beyond. During the scenario-based training, officers have to make a quick decision based on what the scene presents. 

"The scenarios get our officers thinking in a manner that puts them ahead of the game as they're going into the different  scenarios on the street," said Lt. Tim Donohue.  

"And that's why departments such as Baltimore PD, and other departments across the country have reached out to our department to learn what this program is," said Interim Police Chief Jason Soto.

The situations the trainees went through include a shootout in a room, a hostage, a suspect stealing an officers gun, and a suicide situation. 
"It was just very, very, I would say eye opening,"  said Norris Dupree. "it increased my awareness of the stress associated with this job."

"It was eye opening, intense, and when you see it on TV it doesn't compare to real life," Cesar Minera said, a pastor of Word of Life Church. 

The exercises they're doing is not only for police cadets, but current officers too.