Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada would like your help with their “Operation Stocking Stuffer” for kids.

Toys and treats and all the goodies that your own children or grandchildren would love to see in a stocking... that’s what’s needed right now to fill more than 1,000 of them.

Director of Marketing & Public Relations Auburn Harrison explains, "They go not only to local children in need, but also to some of the rural communities that don't have access to social services.”

Vickie Jacobs is living at the family shelter in Reno with her two young kids. “It means the world to me. My children have always relied on Christmas. It's the first time they really get new toys, because we can't afford them.”

This is the 11th annual Operation Stocking Stuffer for Catholic Charities and the St. Vincent's Programs. The goal is to fill 1,300 stockings “…and we're really excited. It gets bigger every year and better - and so many people in the community are excited about donating, “says Auburn.

Which is good, because the need in Northern Nevada is great. Vickie can testify to that.  “This is the first place I've found a family shelter and it's amazing. It’s a lot of help.”

"There's still a great need in this community. We still see lots of families coming in. It's not always about being un-employed, but a lot of times just under-employed. People are just not getting enough in order to provide those extras, like during the holidays," says Harrison.

Right now only 300 stockings are filled and ready to go. Catholic Charities is hoping to make another 1,000 and your donations will help. Items needed should be able to fit in a stocking: like small toys or sweets, gloves, hats, socks, books and hairbrushes. Anything that can help keep the magic in Christmas for the children in our community, no matter where they live.

"They like to envision how Santa comes down a chimney when we don't have one, and having the stocking sitting on the floor, near whatever we're using as a Christmas tree, means the world to them" says Jacobs.

Donations of unwrapped gifts can be dropped off at any of the five St. Vincent's or Catholic Charities locations. To visit their website:

The deadline is December 11th but they will accept donations through the 18th.