From Reno Police: 

The Reno Police Department wants our community to have a safe holiday season, and to provide our citizens who will be braving the shopping areas in Reno and Sparks some safety tips to better protect themselves.

*  Dress for Success for yourself and your Kids… Cold weather is forecast for the weekend, and shoppers should dress themselves and their children casually, comfortably, and in layers.  With all the walking and standing associated with holiday shopping, citizens should also stay well hydrated and well nourished.  Parents should consider leaving very small children at home with a trusted family member or babysitter.

*  Map it Out!  Have a plan for the day and where you are going to go shopping.  This will help to alleviate any potential stress encountered throughout your shopping day.

*  Be Patient… Expect long delays in stores, parking lots, and on the streets around the major shopping areas in Reno and Sparks. 

*  Use a single credit card… By using a single credit card, it is easier to cancel one card than several if your card is compromised by on-line purchases.

*  Consider buying a prepaid card… If you want to limit your budget or control your spending, purchasing a prepaid credit card will not only help you stay on budget but also limit the amount of money criminals can get if you are victimized.

*  Don’t Provide Unnecessary Information… Some sales clerks will request your phone number, zip code, email address or other personal identifying information before ringing up your purchase. Smile, and then politely decline. If they insist that it’s necessary, request that a manager come to override the register. The more information that a store collects from you, the more likely that you will become a victim of identity theft. If you’re paying with cash, they don’t need any identification. If you’re paying with a card, those companies already have your information.

*  Conceal Your Purchases..  Thieves are always looking for easy targets of opportunity, and a vehicle full of visible shopping bags and presents gives criminals an easy score.   Lock your items in your trunk, under your seats, or cover them with a dark blanket.  Criminals watch for shoppers who load up their vehicles with gifts, and then return back to the mall to continue shopping.  Remember: Lock-it, Hide-It, and Keep-It.

*  Protect Yourself…  Women should carry their purses close to their body and men should keep their wallets in their front pocket or in a coat pocket to deter pickpockets.  Also, shoppers should shop in groups if possible and watch for suspicious people and activity in or around vehicles and parking areas.

*  Park and be Safe… Anticipate minimal parking availability.  Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.  When returning to your car with gifts, and bag, stop, “look” and “listen” for suspicious activity, and “let” authorities know immediately if you see anyone or anything suspicious. 

* Obey The Laws… Drive the speed limit, stop at stop signs, don’t try to beat the red lights, and don’t park in handicap or fire lane spots, and be mindful of increased pedestrian traffic especially small children who may get away from their parents.
The Reno Police Department will also have dedicated Patrol and Traffic Officers out on Friday November 27, 2015 in the major shopping areas in South and North Reno to ensure the communities safety both at the malls and on the streets.   

The Traffic Officers enforcement efforts will be all weekend as part of the Nevada Joining Forces grant.  Joining Forces is a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement program that promotes statewide enforcement of seat belt use, DUI, distracted driving, speed and pedestrian safety. During this campaign last year, Nevada’s Joining Forces partners made 4,801 stops statewide, citing 3,986 adults and 95 teens. In addition, 328 adults were issued citations for improperly restraining children.

The Click It or Ticket campaign is the nation’s most successful seat belt compliance effort, significantly raising awareness and seat belt usage since its inception. More information about seat belt use and Nevada’s Zero Fatalities program is available at 
From Reno Police