From the Washoe County Health District:

An E. coli 0157:H7 outbreak that sickened nearly two dozen people and prompted a popular south-Reno restaurant to voluntarily close has been linked to a dessert food manufactured, sold, and distributed by Reno Provisions according to Health District officials. 

“Our epidemiologists and environmental health staff have identified a dessert that was prepared by Reno Provisions,” said Washoe County District Health Officer Kevin Dick. “Several people who ate at the Twisted Fork restaurant had the dessert, as did some other people outside the Reno area who then developed the E. coli infection. That commonality led investigators to the dessert supplier, and to tests of food and equipment at Reno Provisions,” Dick added. 

Now that positive test results have identified a specific E. coli source, the Health District’s investigation has shifted focus from the restaurant to the manufacturer. The Health District confirms that all of the remaining desserts associated with the e-coli contaminations have been disposed of.

Since mid-October twenty-one confirmed and probable cases of E. coli 0157:H7 have been reported in Washoe County. “The complete cooperation and engagement in the investigation that we received from Twisted Fork, and their decision to voluntarily close, were significant factors in identifying the E. coli source,” said Dick.

From the Washoe County Health District

Below is a statement from Mark Estee, owner of Reno Provisions, regarding the Washoe County Health Department announcement.

The Washoe County Health Department has confirmed that the E. coli outbreak has been traced back to a small batch of Reno Provisions’ Chocolate Marquis Mousse that has since been disposed of and discontinued.

The source of contamination has been identified, thoroughly cleaned and re-tested. The test confirmed that the E. coli has been eradicated. Reno Provisions has taken aggressive steps to make sure its facilities are safe and meet and exceed all food preparation standards.

Reno Provisions conducted a deep cleaning in the area connected to the outbreak and is taking significant steps to ensure the safety of their food.

“We offer our deepest apologies to all who have been affected by this outbreak,” said Reno Provisions Owner Mark Estee. “The entire Reno Provisions team has been working tirelessly to solve this problem and ensure that it never happens again.”

Statement from Joe Clements, General Manager of The Twisted Fork:

“We are pleased the Washoe County Health District has been able to identify the source of the recent E. coli outbreak. Our decision to voluntarily close enabled the investigators to conduct their work more effectively and efficiently, and helped to prevent more patrons from becoming ill.

“Given the fact the Washoe County Health District has pinpointed the source of the illnesses and has announced that it has shifted its focus away from The Twisted Fork, we plan to re-open for business on Tuesday, November 24, 2015.

“On a personal level, the owners and I want to offer our extended sympathies to those that were affected by this outbreak. As a family-owned local business, our highest priority will always be the safety and well-being of our customers.

“We want to thank the Washoe County Health District for conducting a thorough and comprehensive investigation, and for its professionalism during this difficult episode.”