The Food Bank of Northern Nevada started the Holiday Food Drive Season with a drive-by Holiday Food Drive Kick-Off event on Thursday, November 5 from 3 – 6 p.m. at Grand Sierra Resort. 

Businesses, organizations and individuals drove-by the south side of the Grand Sierra Resort to the lower parking lot, located off Mill Street, to sign up to have a food drive of their own.  At the event, participants will receive their boxes or barrels to get started collecting non-perishable food items to help the hungry in our region.  

Usually you go through a drive-thru to get food, but on Thursday, people drove up to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, without even getting out of their car, to do just the opposite.

Whitney Parker picked up a barrel for her business at Rosewood Rehabilitation Center. She said, "It makes me feel good. You know, because a lot of people are unfortunately unfortunate."

The barrels will go out in front of businesses and homes to collect thousands of pounds of food such as.

"Things that are healthy, non-perishable, non-expired. So protein is always great. Chilis, tuna, peanut butter," said Jocelyn Lantrip with the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

All items the Food Bank of Northern Nevada desperately needs to feed more than 103,000 people each month. But during the cold winter months, the hunger increases even more. 

"During the holiday season, it can be even tougher for families to make it, to get it all together, make ends meat, so this food is so important," said Lantrip. 

Jim Hulse works at Sportif USA, where two barrels are expected to fill up fast to help those in need. 

"Winter just started to arrive and these folks need food. There's always people out there that need food and so we kind of do what we can do," said Hulse. 

You're encouraged to drop off the food or barrel donations you collect during our "Share Your Christmas" drive by food drive. More than 5 million meals have been served since 1989 in the last 22 years. 

"That's so successful, people love the fact that they can come by, donate without getting out of their car," said Lantrip. 

Our "Share Your Christmas"  drive by food drive. It's on Friday, December 11 from 6 a-m to 6 p-m, we'll be collecting donations at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno. As well as other local non profits at the Governor's Mansion in Carson City and the Carson Valley Inn in Minden.

For more information about the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, call 775-331-3663 or visit