At the Laughing Planet Cafe in Midtown Reno, their niche is serving up healthy foods. Tim Healion is the owner. "We take care of local farmers, local food chain, we make it super tasty, we make it super fast."

Things like salads and bento plates and bowls. So it's appropriate to visit this eatery today on National Eating Healthy Day which is an initiative sponsored by the American Heart Association to make people think about what they eat. Karen Rudd is the executive director Northern Nevada American Heart Association. "80% of heart disease and stroke can be prevented and diet is a key component in that."

Knowing how to eat healthy can be confusing with so many fads and diets out there. So here's what the American Heart Association recommends. "We need to include more fruits and vegetables in to our diet. 5 a day. We need to incorporate good healthy meats in our diets as well, protein. 2-3 Servings of fish a week. We need to drink more water. We need to cut back on sugar sweetened beverages."

The Heart Association hopes that by asking people to eat healthy on this one day will encourage them to make healthy changes that will last a lifetime.

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