An exciting new workout is becoming more popular in the Biggest Little City. It's all developed by Jackie Peacock.

It's not all about lifting weights. If you don't believe you can get a good workout without lifting weights, a Northern Nevada woman is proof you can.

Jackie Peacock created BODYpow,  which, she says, uses the power of your mind to power your body. She empowers many people with this type of workout and not just those who come to class to break a sweat.
"We're going to do five exercises, three times through again then five different, new exercises," said Jackie Peacock, the creator. 
Through these doors at Zai Martial Arts Academy on Longley, unique style of group fitness is exploding!

Welcome to BODYpow, a personally optimized workout. And at the helm is Jackie Peacock, the former collegiate swimmer and marathoner. She has placed in every fitness competition she's entered. And she says without ever lifting a weight. 

"I haven't been in a gym for three years and I haven't lifted a weight in three years," said Peacock. 

 Instead, Jackie's a proponent of using the mind to push the body. The conditioning you see here is all about focusing on that mind-muscle connection. If done right, she says, you can flex any muscle to the point of fatigue.

"Your mind is so strong and you can push yourself a little bit past what you think you can do and hold onto that for just a little bit longer and then we'll switch it," said Peacock. "So you can be here, boom!  Up to a toe, up to a pencil jump and up to a tuck jump."
Jackie created BODYpow not just for the physical benefits, but for her mental health, too.

"I was at a point in my life three years ago when I needed some more positive energy in my life, so I retreated into my own home, doing body-weight exercises on my own," said Peacock. 

She showed a couple friends, and that turned into a dozen. Now her classes are packed with students of all fitness levels. No competition here though, Jackie says BODYpow's all about empowering yourself, while encouraging those around you.

She's spreading that message this month by donating a portion of her proceeds to a non-profit she sees fit.

"Each One. Tell One. is a great fit for us because there's an empowering piece to try to get women to advocate for themselves and stand up for themselves and find their inner strength," said Peacock. 

The month of October, if you buy any BODYpow workout package, 10% will go to Each One. Tell One., an organization promoting dense breast tissue awareness.