The fall festivities at Fallon's Lattin Farms has been going on for a few weeks now. They are hoping their maze and pumpkin patch can turn them in the right direction. When going through a maze, it helps to have someone go through it with you. You don't want to go alone. Local farmers could use some help as well.

Shannon Hooper works for the Churchill County School District, and went through the maze with some of her students.

"We enjoy all of the festivities that Lattin Farms has to offer," said Hooper.

B. Ann (Lattin) of Lattin Farms is excited for the fall season. Hoping to sell as many pumpkins as possible.

"But this year because of the drought and our limited ability to grow it's really critical for us to get through the season," said Lattin.

Every sale counts this year, from produce to corn maze tickets. Participants answer several questions about water and drought to guide them in the right direction through the maze.

"Keeping us on our toes to what we can do to help stop the drought," said Hooper.

You can see the effects of the drought and heat on the corn.  

"We have a pond on the farm and we're currently working on ways to help it recharge so we can dig it a little deeper," said Lattin.

Hoping this will give them a way out. But for now they need an above normal year for sales. They typically have thousands of people come through their festival. So far they need a lot more.

"Pretty average of what we've had in years past," added Lattin.

But they can't give up. There has to be a finish line somewhere.

"My husband is always positive, always," added Lattin.

"Being from a small community we're all connected so it really is a home welcoming place. So it does affect us greatly," said Hooper.