October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and some senators in D.C. are calling for an end to this disease by 2020. On Wednesday, I spoke with Nevada Senator Dean Heller who is sponsoring two bills to help fight breast cancer.

The "Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act of 2015" hopes to end breast cancer by creating a clearinghouse and catalyst for research, public-private partnerships and a commission to figure out how to end the disease by 2020. "When I say end, I want to see an end to the problems we have with breast cancer in this country. I think with increased research dollars, funding necessary for this research to continue I'd love to see by the early 2020's we find a cure for the cancer itself and end the tragedies that occur from this particular disease," says Senator Heller.

The other bill is the "Mobile Mammography Promotion Act of 2015." This bill would specifically allow "mammovans," like the one in Nevada, to purchase fuel without the federal excise tax. "You're probably talking about 10-15 cents a gallon and that can add up pretty quickly and I know in a year's time you're probably talking numbers of $500 to $600 a year," says Heller.