Students at Reed High School in Sparks are working on a unique task to save energy in the classroom. It's an LED pilot project where students are working to replace old school lights with more efficient bulbs.

The Eco-Warriors are an up-and-coming environmental group at Reed High. On Wednesday, Issac Echegoyen, Clarissa Roman and their peers were recognized for their work to bring in new LED lights to a few classrooms, to start.

“We started this project three years ago and basically we just want to increase the efficiency of our school and the lighting because we're wasting so much energy,” said Roman.

They went to work by counting all 334 lights that needed to be replaced at school. “The amount of money that we wanted to replace every single light bulb was kind of insane so then we brought it down,” said Roman. 

After choosing to replace 72 of the lights, they developed a plan to foot the bill. ”We ask for a lot of grants, we write a lot of proposals, we work on a lot of projects,” said Echegoyen.

Funding for the lights came from a $12,000 grant through the Governor's Office of Energy. During a presentation on Wednesday, Channel 2 News learned after the lights were installed, they immediately started conserving energy, which means the school is saving money.

"The savings here is significant. They're going to save about 9,000 kilowatt hours or just about $10,000 a year from just replacing the light bulbs,” said Office of Energy Director Paul Tomsen. 

Paul says he's hoping more schools will take advantage of energy efficient programs. "We hope that this is really just a jumping off point for the schools to look at much deeper retrofits in energy efficiency,” said Tomsen.

Now these students are working to expand LED lighting to all classrooms, hallways and bathrooms and, make other environmental improvements throughout the school. The Eco-Warriors have already done other conservation projects like bringing in low-flow toilets and sinks, to recycling plastics and installing units to refill water bottles. Now they're focusing on installing LED lights throughout the entire school. "It's definitely a challenge but knowing that we're making progress, it just really fills you up with pride and joy,” said Echegoyen. 

The Eco-Warriors are hoping to have all LED lights installed this year. The Governor's Office of Energy is hoping to have all schools in the Silver State make energy efficient improvements