Residents of the River Belle Trailer Park in Verdi have been dealing with what may be another impact of our ongoing drought. The spring where they get their water appears to have gone dry.

"We just started getting notices to boil the water before we used it and then we got a notice not to use it at all," says Cathy Van de Bogart who lives there. 

She says her frustration is that no one has told the residents what to expect. But Manager Ray LaBouyer says  it's taking some time to determine what to do. The Washoe County Health District received reports of cloudy water there and did some tests. They determined that the water has been infected with e.coli. 

"It could be contamination from a broken sewer line, or it could be contamination for livestock and it could be that its exacerbated by the drought. It's hard to say," says Bob Sack with the Washoe County Health Department's Environmental Health Services. "But that's not our focus. Our focus is trying to get potable water to these residents."

He says if a new reliable source can't be found those living there can't stay. But officials with the park say they are working on a solution. 

"The community has been good to us," he says. "A neighboring trailer park is offering us water as a temporary solution. So we are building temporary tanks for that and once it's cleared by the Health Department we'll have water in the park again. We've trucked in palettes of bottled water and put in portable showers. And we'll be digging a new well for a permanent solution. It may take 5 or 6 weeks but we should have water temporarily and permanently here."