Nye Regional Medical Center in Tonopah closed for business on Friday due to financial issues. 

In a letter, CEO Wayne C. Allen said, “NRMC has struggled financially for the past several years. The hospital operations cannot be sustained any longer with expenses greater than revenues. In an effort to save the hospital we have tried to arrange partnerships/affiliations with other healthcare operations. These efforts have been unsuccessful due to our small size and remote location. We are out of options, time and funding.”

He goes on to say that all acute services within the hospital, including but not limited to, the ER, inpatient care, laboratory, radiology, and respiratory outpatient therapies will also cease operations. He says after Friday, patients will need to call 911 for any medical emergency. 

The outpatient Clinic will close for business at 5 p.m. on Friday, September 4th.

“This is a tragic loss for the population served by our hospital. This is a decision that will ultimately jeopardize the health and wellbeing of our community and surrounding areas. We are hopeful that another health care entity will see this lack of access to health care as an opportunity.” 

From Nye County Emergency Management: 

The Nye Regional Medical Center (NRMC) in Tonopah permanently closed its doors today due to financial constraints. The 10-bed center stopped providing all acute care patient services within the hospital, including: the Emergency Department, Inpatient Care, Laboratory, Radiology, Respiratory, and Outpatient therapies. These services ceased operations today at 12:00. There are no changes to the emergency medical responses (ambulance, transport) currently provided to the community.

The NRMC was the only hospital within a 100-mile radius serving residents in Nye and Esmeralda County and the surrounding region; with the closest medical centers in Bishop, Ca., or Hawthorne, Battle Mountain, and Fallon, NV. With the recent announcement the Nye County Emergency Management Office (NCEM) has developed an emergency response plan to support the needs of the communities directly affected by NRMC’s closure.

“Our number one priority is to ensure the long-term safety to the residents of this community. To support this initiative, we have implemented the most efficient and effective plan to reach that goal,’’ said Nye County Emergency Manager Vance Payne. “I would like to express my gratitude and personally thank everyone involved with supporting this plan,” Payne added.

The NCEM has diligently worked out transportation agreements with service providers in neighboring counties and states to accommodate the daily traffic the hospital served during its tenure. In an effort to reduce long transport times and to keep resources within the community, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and air and ground ambulance services have graciously stepped up to support the community of Nye County.

The NCEM has executed the following procedures to mitigate some of the impact the NRMC closure:
1. Life Guard Air Ambulance service has brought in an additional plane to double its air ambulance capability.
2. Nye County has reached agreements with neighboring Nevada counties and Inyo County in California to meet the Nye county ambulances half way to cut patient transport times. The following locations have also been included in the response plan: Battle Mountain, Banner-Churchill, Esmeralda, Goldfield, Beatty, Bishop and Hawthorne.
3. Nye County is in negotiations with Humboldt General Hospital for an additional mutual aid ambulance crew.

For general information please contact Nye County Emergency Management at (775) 751-4279

In case of an emergency please contact 911

From Nye County Emergency Management