You can't go home again. You can bring a piece of home with you, though, and build a business with it. That's what Kevin Stamps is doing…bringing a slower coffee experience to Reno. As he told us, "Growing up in Truckee, it was all about the experience. It was about sitting, and enjoying your cup of coffee."

And that’s what he’s offering at Old World Coffee, now open in what just a couple of months ago was a shoe store at 104 California Avenue. Old World is one of the many new coffee shops to open in town. Why did he join the crowd of new independents? "I noticed that Reno didn't have...My coffee shop. The coffee shop I was looking at, I just wanted to sit in and drink all my favorite I was like, 'Hey, why don't we just start it here in Reno?"

Across town…Coffeebar opened a couple of years ago with a different incentive. Their reasons for opening a coffee shop on Mt. Rose Street? Manager Nikki Boyce told us, "Our owner Greg was incredibly inspired by the shops that are on every single corner in Italy."

And they are certainly not alone. Reno-Sparks has never had so many coffee shops. Go on Yelp and you'll see several dozen listed of different types. Add the shops that offer pastries and more and the number is well over a hundred. It seems the more diversified our culture gets, and the more cities our newcomers are from here, the more folks want to put their own spin on the cup of joe. As Yelp’s Michael Tragash puts it, "It used to be OK to just pop into 7-Eleven and grab your morning cup, but nowadays, people want a little bit more."

There are signs of this new coffee culture everywhere, from the latest digital espresso machines under the counter (Kevin says his is the first one in Nevada: "We are all about just getting to the geeky side of coffee”), to the hearts you see made with foam cream on top. Tragash says, "Whether it’s a swan or a heart, or I've seen teddy bears and cowboys..."

None of it is reminiscent of your dad's favorite coffee shop. Kevin's angle is using more than one roaster for 9 different coffees, "So we’re kind of introducing Reno to different coffees that they're not used to."

At Coffeebar, Nikki touts the beer and wine alongside the mochas and macchiato…and the old style espresso machine: "Our espresso machine is imported from Italy. It's a La Marzocco. It's specially crafted there and we bring it over here to create the best cup of coffee we can."

Yelp’s Tragash says Reno is a new coffee capitol: "From South America to east Africa to Central America and beyond, and each one offers a different flavor palate. And that's what these local roasters are seeking to extract..from lattes and mochas to single-origin espressos and local roasters, there's a lot going on.” It’s all for the tasting…in the biggest little coffee city in the world.

And our coffee community is celebrating with Yelp's coffee culture, a month filled with discounts and special classes taught by local coffee experts. You can find out about the events and deals being offered, just by clicking this link: