California regulators are mandating that new showerheads sold in the state be the most water frugal in the nation.

The California Energy Commission voted Wednesday to phase in showerhead efficiency standards, limiting them to 1.8 gallons a minute after July 2018.

The vote follows Gov. Jerry Brown's April order for sweeping water-savings measures because of the four-year drought. Clamping down on appliance water use is part of California's long-term conservation efforts.

The energy commission already tightened water-efficiency standards for faucets and urinals. Toilet standards took effect last year.

After 2018, showerheads can't use more than 1.8 gallons a minute, which would be the nation's strictest limit. The current standard is 2.5 gallons a minute.

The state also announced a $30 million rebate program to replace old toilets and grass lawns.  (AP)