With the school year starting up, you're going to see a lot more activity in school zones.
Many people may not realize that school is already upon us since the balanced calendar makes it start early. So, you'll want to leave extra time for driving if you pass through school zones - starting today.

"The biggest thing it means for drivers is: 'Slow down and watch for not only pedestrians, a lot of kids out there crossing the street, but also an increase in traffic in and around the school areas,'" says Jason Trevino, Interim Chief, WCSD Police.

Don't forget, the speed limit in school zones is 15 miles an hour.

If you drive near a school, you'll want to minimize distractions like using your phone while driving since kids walking to school can be unpredictable.
With more than 60,000 students going back to school, you can expect a lot more traffic on the roads before and after school - and there's a good chance that will add time to your morning commute. Police say to plan ahead, leave earlier and bring your patience. They say they'll be out in force as a reminder to drivers.

"At the beginning of the year, we always increase our presence around the schools. We try and get out there as much as we can, as well as local agencies do as well, just to kind of ease that traffic congestion and remind drivers to slow down."

Just a reminder, traffic tickets in school zones carry a hefty fine - several hundred dollars in some cases.