For two years, Morgan Darcy was homeless, doing drugs and running from the law. But then a judge made a decision that would forever change her direction and her life. "After three months of being on the run I got picked up and the judge brought me to Crossroads."

Crossroads is a program run by Washoe County and Catholic Charities. It takes people struggling with addiction and being on the streets and gives them a place to call home. For Morgan, a room, no bigger than a college dorm, was her first good night sleep in years. "Yes, 'cause I had my own bed, I had my own spot, I had my own pillow. It was mine and it was a new feeling that I had forgot."

Since 2011, 500 people have come through these doors. After an 8 am morning roll call and breathalyzer test, Crossroads offers support groups, transportation to court hearings, even help getting birth certificates and Social Security numbers. Because Crossroads clients are no longer abusing county services, the county is saving millions of dollars a year. Ken Retterath is with Washoe County Social Services. "We estimate that we save over $7 million a year in the community by service not being used inappropriately."

The cost to run crossroads is $19 a day per person. It's county funded. Clients can stay here 4 months, up to several years. Morgan lived here for 6 months. She now has her own apartment, a job and a future focused on staying clean and sober.

Catholic Charities is honoring Crossroads at its annual Plates to Ease Poverty event. It's Wednesday, September 2nd at the Eldorado Resort Casino. For ticket information call 775-322-7073 ext. 242