Whether you are buying a pack of pencils, notebooks or new clothes, back-to-school shopping is going right now for a lot of families.

"We don't have numbers yet but it sure seems like it's busier this year," said Caitlin Kemper, an executive team leader at the Target at Legends in Sparks. "And the thing is that this dovetails into Burning Man, and Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's like this has become the new official start to the holiday shopping for us."

She says that the clothes department is even busier just before school, than the back-to-school aisles are. And that students from K-12 have all kinds of different lists to buy from. So the store makes up supplies for the different grade levels for the basics. 

"Some people bring in lists...some download them on tablets and mark things off...and we have paper lists they can have for the different grade levels just to get started if they like." 

And this is also when stores start with holiday hiring. 

"We need to have extra people on to help here so it doesn't take too long to find things and get people checked out. And we seem to need those extras on through the New Year."

The National Retail Association predicts families will spend an average of $630 this year in back-to-school shopping. While that is down about $30 a family from last year...it's still a good economic boost for local stores right now. 

Washoe County Schools start up next Monday. Some of the outlying areas have a few more weeks of summer to go. But spreading out the start times spreads out the shopping too.