It's an online look the inner workings of the Washoe County School District. It's called data gallery and you can find it on the school district's homepage. "Our mission is to be very transparent about this work so we're excited for parents to engage with us and be part of this process,” says Traci Davis, WCSD Superintendent.

From simple things like finding out what school your child is zoned for and how many students are enrolled there, to more complicated individual features.

"It really goes down to minute details, as far as saying how many third grade classes, fourth grade classes? How many team taught? How many portables, unfortunately need be at that school? Really shows you all the details you'd want to know as a parent going to school,” says Pete Etchart, WCSD Chief Operations Officer.

The new data gallery exposes the good, the bad and the ugly ...including repairs needed at aging buildings, security measures likes gates and fences and what the associated costs are.

"If they walked the school building they were in, they wondered something. You can click on and say ‘oh, that was taken care of at this date and time.’ If not, they can ask questions. We will be happy to be transparent about that information,” says Davis.

The goal, they say to engage parents more than ever - beyond the academic success of his or her student. The information is online and available 24/7. "The information that showing on the data gallery will be continually updated to show what's going on at the school currently,” says Etchart. 

For those who may not have internet access, there are computers set aside for parents to use at all Washoe County schools.

To see data gallery for yourself, go to