Plumas County authorities, along with Forest Service law enforcement, say they recovered about 23,000 marijuana plants at two separate locations on Wednesday.

Deputies say Plumas County SWAT, and law enforcement from the Forest Service, BLM and California Fish and Wild Life conducted marijuana eradication raids in the areas of Seneca and Gilson Creek near Oakland Camp in Quincy. 

The Seneca garden was located in rugged terrain in the Chips Fire area that burned in 2012. No suspects were encountered during the raid. 

But they say two suspects were encountered during the raid near Gilson Creek, but they fled the area through brushy steep terrain. 

Deputies say at both sites there were large amounts of trash, fertilizer, chemicals and pesticides located near the grow site, with characteristics consistent with gardens of large drug trafficking organizations operated by the Mexican drug cartel. 

Deputies say the estimated value of the 23,000 plants would be in excess of $10 million. 

Deputies say to call authorities if you see items related to marijuana gardens. Indicators to look for may be drip lines, remote campsites, gardening tools, bags of fertilizer of pesticides, trash piles and encounters with unusual subjects on national or private lands.