Even though the statues don't talk, the "People Project" is the talk of Midtown Reno. 

"I just see a lot of great art, a lot of great people," said Del Monroe of  Reno. 

"I think it's great they use materials and creativity," said Susan Peachy, from San Diego. " They create something unique and special in 50 different places around town."

There are over 50 of these mannequins,  54 to be exact. Sitting on top of Recycled Records,   

"That's Disco Larry," said Paul Doege, Owner of Recycled Records. "We put him up there ourselves." 

The whole point of the "People Project" is to give businesses the chance to be creative with their statue, and make it representative of their store. 

"I wanted something that would make it reflect," said Doege. "I got loads of reflective things with all of these CD's." 

At Recycled Furniture sits "Rain Mother." She was painted not by hand, but by mouth. 

"People are just blown away when they see what went into doing it," said Lori Walker with Recycled Furniture, "and what Mack accomplished with getting her done."  

The artist, Mack Nez Johson, unable to use his hands after an accident, painted the mannequin with his mouth. 

"He named her 'Rain Mother', and we've had a lot of rain since since he started working on her," she said.

In front of Creme Cafe is another statue. This one is called 'Use Your Nice Words." 

Our number one rule at Creme is that you always use your nice words," said Beth Carter, owner of the restaurant. "That starts with the employees talking to each other, and then bringing that right down to our customers." 

Each location bought the mannequin for $100, with all of the money headed straight to Artown. They'll be up through July. If you'd like to see one for yourself, here's a link to the 'People Project.'