Reno Fire officials tell Channel 2 News that they have arrested two people in connection with several arson fires that happened early Thursday morning in Reno.

The two have been identified as 20 year old Bryce Wilson and 18 year old Gavin Maddox. Police say the two were located by Reno Police property crimes detectives along with investigators from the Reno Fire Department and admitted to their crimes. 

Investigators say they were able to identify the two suspect using security footage from the Atlantis Hotel and Casino.

Fire Chief Dave Cochran with the Reno Fire Department said, "We were able to identify the suspicious vehicles and then we called in RPD and working as a team we were able to track down the suspects."

The Reno Fire Department says in just two hours, two men caused an estimated 25,000 dollars worth of property damage .

"Two of them involved a couple cars at the U-Haul building and in the back of the Lowe's building on Kietzke Lane, also a little bit of damage but none of the fire actually got inside the buildings," said Battalion Chief Bob Leighton, with the Reno Fire Department. 

Crews were called to the WalMart on Kietzke Lane in South Reno just before 4:00 a.m. Thursday. Over the next hour the Reno Fire Department was called to three more fires, also in South Reno at the Food Source on South Virginia Street, the U-Haul on South Virginia Street, the Walmart on Kietzke Lane, and the Lowe's on Kietzke Lane were all targeted. 

The fire at Food Source took place behind the shipping and receiving area. Boxes and pallets were scorched in that fire. We've learned that the same thing happened at the WalMart. Neither building sustained damage. 

Our crew on scene said Lowe's sustained some damage to the back of the building, including an emergency exit. Employees were not allowed to enter the store while firefighters mopped up. They have since been allowed to enter. 

As these fires broke out, 30 to 40 members of the Reno Fire Department responded. 

They say their resources are being misused for nuisance crimes like these arsons. 

"There's a lot damage, there's a lot of cost associated with arson, there's a lot of resources associated with arson. From fire and police department when we could be out solving or working on other issues of crimes throughout our community," said Interim Chief Jason Soto with the Reno Police Department. 

Maddox and Wilson both face one count of 1st Degree Arson, and three counts of 3rd Degree Arson.

"The next steps is they're going to go through the legal system, a whole other set of resources being put towards these acts committed by these individuals," said Soto.