The ladies here have one thing in common... they are soon to be moms for the first time.

They're excited to physically prepare for their baby's arrival in an aquatic aerobics class.

"It's great to be weightless in the water and you don't risk any injury, risk of injury is low," says Kristin Steed.

"I think swimming in my opinion is the best form of exercise for pregnant women.  Why is that? The reason is the buoyancy of the water support the patient and as a progression in the pregnancy they're increasing strength, and tension, and pressure on the weight-bearing joints, the hips, the knees, the ankles," says Dr. Ramon Suarez.

"We use weights under water the water which really feels good because it feels like a workout on my arms and even just kicking and swimming our laps really feels like I can feel it in my muscles," says Margie Lewis.

Exercise can relieve many common complications related to pregnancy like sleeplessness, swelling, backaches, bloating and constipation.

"I've had back issues related to my pregnancy and it's been such a wonderful thing to be able to come into the water," says Reena Gupta.