The 96th annual Reno Rodeo is in town. But before you put on those cowboy hats and boots, you might want to talk to you family about safety for big events like the Reno Rodeo.

For example, be aware of your surroundings. There will be security and law enforcement during this entire event and one of the most common issues they deal with during the Reno Rodeo is alcohol.

"Alcohol is a problem at any large event, its just part of the game, its no big deal as long as you're understanding at what could happen. Just pay attention, be observant, be respectful, and you'll get around just fine," said Randy Stacy from Texas. 

And that's exactly what Alex Jovel plans to do while having fun at the rodeo. 

"I grabbed a quick beer but I don't think I'll be drinking too much. Trying to stay sober. Maybe one or two beers, keep it nice and safe," said Jovel. 

Alcohol cannot be brought in from the outside. So if you do happen to buy a drink or two, make sure to have a designated driver or friend to help you get home safely. Jovel already has a plan in place to not be the one behind the wheel at the end of the night. 

"We actually came out for Father's Day, we came out for an early gift for her dad, trying to stay safe, we're letting him drive," said Jovel.

And for families with children, the sheriff's office wants to remind you about keeping them close. 

"Obviously this is a big crowd setting, so kids will get lost, people will get separated from their parties. And we'll go ahead and advise you to have a plan in place before you come to the rodeo. Tell your kids what to do if they do get separated from you and that's most likely to find one of us," said Deputy Jeff McCaskill with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office. 

Matt Stephan tells his children just that.

"We make them hold each other's hands, so they know they can' let go of each other's hands. They can't go to the bathroom by themselves, so they know they can't go anywhere without an adult," said Stephan. 

The sheriff's office also advises people to not leave any valuables alone. So if you have a purse or wallet, keep track of it at all times. And remember that all bags will be searched.

"There are no weapons of any kind allowed on the rodeo grounds. So if you have a CCW permit or something like that, we ask that you don't bring it with you to the rodeo. And that includes knives as well, I know a lot of people carry knives, but please leave them at home," said McCaskill. 

If you see anything out of the ordinary or just need help, you can find the sheriff's office at a tent on the south side of the arena or you ask any security officers.