The 96th annual Reno Rodeo rolls into town on Thursday. Vendors and rodeo workers alike are working long hours to make sure everything is ready. 

“It's good entertainment,” said Larry Stacy, 2015 Reno Rodeo President. “We have good entertainment. that's what we try to sell is entertainment." 

“It's the comradery,” said Lynn Cordova, owner of Steer Gear, one of the vendors. “It brings in people from all over. We have family that comes in from out of state. We have friends that come in."  

The main arena can hold over 9,000 people and they expect some of the nights to be sold out, or close to it. 

Last year, there were nearly 300 vendors, and that number is expected again this year. 

The country band, Little Big Town was supposed to be at the rodeo kickoff concert on Tuesday night. However, due to illness, they will no longer perform. Instead, Clay Walker will. 

The band released this statement: 

 Unfortunately we need to let you guys know that Jimi has completely lost his voice and cannot sing, so we won't be in Reno with you as planned. His doctor has put him on strict vocal rest. We will let you know how things progress and want to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thanks, as always, for the incredible love and support you guys show us.”

There are already some traffic restrictions in place. Traffic will flow in a counter-clock wise and you will only be able to make a left-hand turn into the rodeo from Wells Avenue. 

And police will be directing traffic during some peak hours. 

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