Laura Polian is the middle child in a family of three girls. And she's the only one who hasn't had breast cancer.

Little sister, Amanda, was diagnosed two years ago at the age of 27.  

“My older sister Marya and I decided to both go get mammograms. We had a mammogram last year, everything was fine and we both got a letter that said you have dense breast tissue,” says Laura.

Dense tissue, can hide cancerous tumors on a mammogram.

“Some people are dense and you have a chance and others are extremely dense and it's very very difficult to see anything until it's really late in the onset of breast cancer but I think in an ideal world it would be good if everybody who had dense breasts could do a secondary screening,” says Dr. Richard Ardill, Reno Radiological Associates.

Secondary screenings include things like ultrasound and MRI.

Marya opted for an ultrasound. The results were shocking.

“She had a clear mammogram. So had it not been for the secondary screening, it's what helped her find this cancer,” says Polian.

With two sisters now breast cancer survivors, Laura decided to get a Sonocine, an automated whole breast ultrasound at Renown to make sure breast cancer isn't lurking in her breasts.

Because of her family history, Laura is using her Football 101 event to help fund the local dense breast tissue awareness non profit, Each One Tell One.

“It's one of those things that if you can catch it early it's really the best thing we can do. So that's why we wanted to help spread that message and so through Football 101 we will be sharing that story and helping promote Each One Tell One and what they're doing with the community.”

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