Governor Brian Sandoval is hoping a bill, signed Monday, will attract more students to education and keep them in Nevada.

Senate Bill 511 creates some financial incentives for teachers to train and stay in the Silver State. The governor said our lack of good teachers, and just teachers in general, is holding the state's education system back.

"We have a big teacher shortage,” Sandoval said at the bill signing at Reno High School. “In Clark County, there are 2,000 vacancies. Here in Washoe County, there are 200 openings. We want to attract the best and brightest to teach our kids for the new Nevada."

SB511 will provide college scholarships for Nevada students who want to be teachers. The governor said, on top of just getting more qualified people into teaching positions, he hopes the scholarships will attract a more diverse population to reflect the changing demographics in our schools.

But training them is just half of the battle. Right now, it's difficult to find teachers who are willing to teach in the struggling, low-performance schools, or special needs classes. This bill provides $25 million in bonuses for teachers who take those assignments. Sandoval said it's all about keeping Nevada talent here in the silver state.

"I think it's really important for them to come back and teach here, do medicine here, practice law, be in engineering.” Sandoval said. “Whatever vocation they choose to do, I want them to do it here."

Sandoval said he hopes the first round of scholarships will be available to students this fall.