For Aaron Nelson, it started with left hand weakness. But quickly spread to constant all body pain, migraines and hyperacusis which is a severe aversion to noise. "I ended up spending about a year-and-a-half alone in my bedroom because I couldn't handle any noise, even my own voice I couldn't handle."

When life became unbearable, he and his wife got in their car and drove straight from Minnesota to Reno and the Sierra Integrative Medical Center. "It was a very difficult trip for me. But we did some tests and found out I actually had Lyme disease."

Bruce Fong is a doctor of osteopathic medicine. He found Lyme in Aaron, but it's a difficult diagnosis to make. "There's a large number of people in which the organism has evaded or at least full processing by the immune system and our traditional antibody based tests don't find it."

It's a similar story for Marcia Keenan. Back in the 90's she was hiking and got bit by a tick. By that night she was in the emergency room. Her health crumbled year-after-year. When her legs gave out, she was desperate for help. "I was in a complete fog but for some reason I remembered the name of this place. So my son drove me here, dropped me off and I spent five weeks and I'm in my third year now in complete remission."

The IV treatments happen in at the clinic. Typical treatments are Monday through Friday for four weeks. "We try to detoxify our patients, we have certain IV's that clean out the liver. We have other IV's including high dose vitamin C. We do oxidative therapies that wake up the body and we have a very specific type of immunologic boosting therapy that's based off proteins that are strong immune stimulants," says Dr. Fong.

Both Aaron and Marcia say the treatments are difficult but life changing.

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