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Stopping the Aging Process

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"This is TA 65, the very first telomerase inducer ever put on the market," explains Bill Andrews. This product is the result of years of work to stop the aging process in humans. And Bill Andrews discovered its secret. Andrews owns Sierra Sciences. It's in a lab in east Reno, Bill and his team of researchers are developing ways to stop people from aging, even reverse the aging process. That's right. Make people younger. "If humans are anything like these mice, we should start to see people get younger. And actually this does occur in human cells grown in petri dishes, it does occur on human skin grown on the back of a mouse, the skin gets younger by every method of measurement you can imagine. Researchers around the world agree that telomeres control the aging process. Telomeres are caps on the ends of our chromosomes. Think of your chromosomes as a shoe lace and the caps on your shoes laces are equivalent to the telomeres on your chromosomes. And just like when your shoe laces get old, the caps get old and when they get really old usually they start to fall apart. The exact same thing is happening with your chromosomes and this is what causes us to age and get disease," explains Andrews.

What Andrews is famous for is discovering an enzyme called telomerase. When telomeres shorten, telomerase makes them grow back. The only gene in the body that has active telomerase are reproductive genes. All other genes have telomerase, but they're inactive, dormant. When Andrews discovered this, he decided to dedicate his life to waking up the telomerase enzymes in every one of our 100 trillion cells in our body. "So I discovered the enzyme, I put it into normal human cells, that weren't reproductive cells and I showed that they stopped aging too and surprisingly they actually got younger," says Andrews.

Andrew's research team is looking for natural and chemical substances that wake up the telomerase enzymes. Things like broccoli and spinach.
Lancer Brown, Program Director at Sierra Sciences, says Sierra Sciences is the only company in the world looking for ways to wake up the dormant telomerase enzyme in our genes. They have more than 20 patents protecting their work. And so far, they have several products on the market, including two skin creams. Andrews is currently using them all and feeling younger and healthier. "Shortly after I started taking these supplements, I saw a tremendous increase in my endurance. I run 50 to 100 mile races once a month," says Andrews.

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