If bugs are already bugging you this spring you are not alone. In fact bugs are bugging a lot of people in Northern Nevada and some say it's because of the change in our weather patterns. 

"We have gotten a lot of calls about aphids," says Greg Dockins with CAD Pest Control in Reno. "And when you have a lot of aphids you get a lot of ants because the trail aphids leave is a food source for them." 

Dockins has also gotten a lot of calls about ants.

"Ants come inside your house for two reasons," says State Entomologist Jeff Knight. "They come in looking for food...and water."

He says the recent rains here may keep them outside for a while, but once things really start drying out we'll be seeing a lot more ants inside.

And they aren't the only problem. Those recent rains we got have brought on something called powdery mildew that has been spreading on crab apple trees and roses in town. 

"It's something that can make the trees look bad but it won't kill them. It stunts their growth. But you can use a fungicide on it. It works best before the leave actually bloom. But it won't kill them," Dockins says. 

As for the rest of the summer. Dockins says he's expecting these conditions will lead to a spike in spiders like black widows in the fall. 

And Knight is keeping an eye on Mormon Crickets.

"We saw an increase last year and we expect to see an increase this year too. We have people report some but nothing really big. We sometimes see the population increase after the dry conditions so we may see a problem next year. For now if anyone sees any Mormon Crickets, even just a few of them they really need to call us and let us know so that we can check it out and map them and keep an eye on them."