Located along the Valley of Mills, Hacienda Lomajim offers incredible views of the canyon below. Haciendas are a major attraction for American tourists, with thousands of foreigners visiting and staying at these haciendas. 

“Many Americans visit here and European travelers, and a lot of Mexicans too,” said Luzma Pollano, an administrator at Hacienda Lomajim. “We have a large, varied clientele.” 

She says as the United States' economy, and the world's economy improves, more people travel here. 

“It's increasing,” she said. “People are starting to rent more for events, and they are requiring more lodging."

The next hacienda we visited was Hacienda Santa Lucia in Zapopan. It was built in 1527. 

"It was one of the biggest haciendas in Jalisco," said Humberto Zaragoza, owner of the property. 

It has been in Zaragoza's family for generations. Even though the property is much smaller now, it used to stretch dozens of miles. 

"It was so big the property used to go all the way to Tequila, and all the way to Guadalajara," he said. 

The site is now used for weddings and other large events.