First it was the drought then construction now a failure with a levee. And to add to that - today the TCID board voted to cut the water allotment from 20% to just 17%.

This is an all hands-on deck project all right. Crews were coming and going with equipment and dirt all day long. "We started at 5 o' clock this morning with a safety meeting, we'll go until we just can't see,” says Truckee Carson Irrigation District Manager Rusty Jardine.

The Lewis Spillway has been under construction for months. They finally filled the canal with water on Wednesday night - shortly after midnight the support berms began eroding away.

"We've had to remove a portion of the canal and we're completely rebuilding it."

This is a pretty serious job and other agencies are helping.

"We have an excess of 20 district employees, Churchill County is here with equipment and crews and we even have Bureau of Reclamation engineers."

Of course this couldn't happen at a worse time.

Fallon area farmers are anxiously awaiting this year's water allotment, which they know, won't last all summer. But Jardine says, farmers are being patient.

"They're largely understanding that we're having problems with the facilities."

While this could take another 10 days, they have alternative plans, and will be sending water through the Carson Canal.

"We've been reluctant to use that kind of delivery system, but we'll be trying that as an alternative possibility."