The upcoming summer conjures visions of beach vacations, relaxing in the sun, taking road trips and enjoying time off from school and work. But it's also peak season for burglaries. I don't want to jinx myself, but the one big possession I had that was ripped off was my 10-speed bike. It happened during the summer, when windows are open and homes are empty from folks on vacation.

At Reno's All Pro Security, Jonathon Christopher told us that “Burglars know when people leave. They know peoples schedules, so they break in easier now." Christopher has been in the protect your home business for 10 years now. He says the bad guys are more aggressive than ever: "Unfortunately, nowadays they're even breaking in in broad daylight...3:00 in the afternoon."

Shay Day is a traveling locksmith. He says burglars usually try the door to your garage first, “Because it's a side door, or they use a back door so neighbors don't see them." But even though he sells locks, he knows they're no guarantee. "There's no way to prevent a lock from being broken into. With the time and tools, anyone can break into anything."

The best thing you can do is make it look like someone is home. Shay suggests a car in the driveway. Jonathon recommends having an alarm system. If a burglar sees you have an alarm and someone else doesn't...guess who gets robbed? As he put it, "When you get an alarm system, they've only got a few moments before they got to get out."

And the technology for home alarms has improved. One he demonstrated for us has a hidden microphone: "No more 911 calls. You press the button, and we're talking to you for either the sheriff, police, the fire department or REMSA."

Back in north Reno, shay says if you're on a budget, the nosy neighbor is good protection. As he put it, "the best deterrent is a watchdog. And so the next think closest to that is a good neighbor."

Jonathon says…an alarm system is even better: "Nobody watches a house 24-7. So yeah, it's good sometimes the neighbors are watching, but that's not the reality today."

Shay Day is available on Facebook, and his phone number is 200-3355. All Pro Security is a monitoring service. Their website is