This Saturday is expected to be one of the biggest sports days of the year. The Kentucky Derby is an annual favorite, and the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is being dubbed by some as the fight of the century. Both could give a big boost to some of our local businesses. Some say the amount of money bet, on Saturday, could rival the Super Bowl. The events also mean some rooms are getting booked. The Atlantis Casino Resort Spa is almost completely full.

"It's huge for us," Tracie Barnthouse, Atlantis publicist said. "We're having people already coming over the hill, from California. We actually had a lot of guests who booked this weekend back during March Madness. So, it's something people have been looking forward to for a long time."

Fans can watch the Kentucky Derby and the big fight at the Atlantis for $75. Food is included.

"We're having the Kentucky Derby and the fight together in our ballrooms," Barnthouse said. "So, guests can buy a ticket, they can get a full-day buffet, drink tickets, and really enjoy the party atmosphere that they're going to experience in the ballroom."

The Grand Sierra Resort's 124 race carrels are already reserved for Saturday's race. But that's just the start of a busy day.

"Make your bet on the horses, stick around and watch the race, and then when that's done, go ahead and bet one of your favorite fighters," Robert Kowalski, Racing Operations Manager for William Hill U.S. said.

Tickets are already sold out at the GSR. But for about $40, fans can watch the fight at the sports book or LEX Nightclub, where you can also reserve a VIP table for $300.  For the first time ever, their sports book will allow in-fight bets.

"You will be able to make a wager at any second at any point during the fight, just like it would be, prior to the start of the match," Kowalski said.

Sierra Gold is one of the only sports bars to show the bout, costing them $7,500. The price depends on occupancy of the establishment. This fight is about triple what most fights cost for businesses to televise them.

"There's nobody really in the South Meadows showing the fight and we thought we should capitalize on that and really bring our community in here," Shawna Jones, General Manager of Sierra Gold said. "Some people have never been in here before. So, we thought it would be a great opportunity to see what Sierra Gold is about."    

A VIP room is available for $1,500 and holds 25 people. That includes a buffet, drinks, and bottle service. For everyone else, it will cost $20 at the door.

"I really encourage that they call in and pre-order their tickets," Jones said. "If they do that, they're guaranteed a seat. If they come on the day of the event, we can't guarantee. It's going to be first come, first serve."

Most casinos have their own deals set up for the race and the fight, generally charging $20-$40. Some include a free drink or two.