In tonight's Places 2 Check Out, we have an expansion on a business we've told you about in South Reno.

Need 2 Speed Indoor Cart Racing has just added a black light mini-golf course to the back of its property on Sierra Center Parkway. It was built and designed by two people over five months - and the owner says the course is more difficult than you might expect.

“It is really challenging; I've actually only played through it once. I'm looking forward to actually getting to enjoy it some more and it's a great add on to coming in here and racing and adding onto birthday party packages or group events,” says Boris Podtetenieff.

The black light course is just $6 per person.

The owner says they decided to add it give people something to do while waiting for the go kart races because the wait can up be up to an hour.

Need 2 Speed is located in the Target center at 6895 Sierra Center Parkway just east of Virginia Street in Reno. They are open 7 days a week.