Secret Witness is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of suspects wanted with theft of a vehicle and it's content in southwest Reno.

In March, a male and female, stole a vehicle that was idling in a driveway. When leaving the area, the suspects crashed the car into a neighbor's vehicle. The thieves also took the victim's purse which contained $500 in cash and all of her ID and credit cards. The vehicle was found 20 minutes later with the purse missing. The suspects attempted to break into the victim's home later that night and stole the vehicle a second time. The vehicle was located once again, but with severe damage. The Reno Police Department has surveillance footage of the suspects going through the victim's purse at a local diner. The suspects are now calling the victim on her cell phone and taunting her.

The Reno Police Department is asking for the public's assistance in identifying the suspects. Anyone who has information related to these crimes or the suspects should contact the Reno Police Department at 334-2133 or Secret Witness at 322-4900. You can also visit or text "Secret Witness" to 847-411.