Dr. Braimah Apambire, knows what the people of rural Ghana deal with daily to find clean water and to stay healthy. He knows because that's where he was raised. 

"We used to walk miles and miles just to find and fetch water," he says.

And he's dedicated his life to changing that. 

He was able to get his Masters and PhD degrees in hydraulics at UNR and through the Desert Research Institute. And through studying water efficiencies he's developed systems that work for his homeland. Now the DRI has launched an initiative to team up three Non Governmental Organizations with the expertise of the Desert Research Institute to save lives.

"The DRI trains the workers so that they can design, build and maintain water systems in 40 different countries. Ghana is one of them," says Dr. Apambire.

With awareness and education he says lives are being saved. Now the DRI wants to offer education to the area. They are hoping to raise awareness...and money through their new initiative. 

You can learn more about it and find out how to help out by going to their website at www.DRI.edu