If you've been to the Meadowood Mall lately, you may have noticed there's a lot of construction going on there with canned foods. The 12th annual CANstruction competition kicked off on Wednesday. It's an event put on, not only to make unique creations but it also helps give back to the community. The charity raises money and donations for the food bank of Northern Nevada.

We've got tons of people out here tonight putting the final touches on their can art. Groups from all over the community came out to participate with each structure made with thousands of different cans.

Green beans, corn and tomato sauce were just a few of the pieces to these massive puzzles! There are eleven groups participating in this year's CANstruction event from local students to businesses and Cub Scout groups. We talked with Madison Clinger from who told us its her first year working on this with some of her classmates. "We entered designs to our teacher and then the top 5 designs got picked and they could be on the building,” said Clinger. "It's going to be like a camp scene with a fire and then a tent."

Each team is linked up with someone from the American Institute of Architects. The Northern Nevada chapter helped put this event together. “It's really an event to get architects teamed up with students and other professionals to build food and then give back to the community,” said Jocelyn Lantrip of the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

Even through most of the projects are still under construction, some shapes are starting to take form… from giant coffee cups, to castles and even some familiar Reno landmarks. “It's been sort of a whirlwind for the last two months trying to get everything together. A design, working with an architect and getting it actually built,” said Camille Kirch of CustomInk.

The goal is not only to exceed last year's 12,000 pound donation, but also spread awareness of the ongoing hunger problem in our community. "We're still feeding about 101,000 people every single month,” said Lantrip.

Even though some of the tasks may be difficult, everyone making the structures has a "can-do" attitude "My favorite part is probably like where the cans are going to go after we're done with them. Like that just makes me feel good knowing that it's going to help people,” said Clinger.

The winner of the competition gets a trophy! The judges will be at Meadowood Mall on Thursday night to select a winning team.  You can also get involved in the competition by paying a dollar to vote for the "People's Choice" CANstructure. The Food Bank of Northern Nevada says with monetary donations they can provide 3 means with each $1 donation. Voting for the “People's Choice” award goes through Sunday, and the winner will be announced next Monday.