If you have been trying to get your fence repaired following last month's wind storm and you are experiencing delays, you are not alone.

"We've got a four to five week backlog," said Trevor Appelbaum, an estimator with Tholl Fence. “Normally this time of year, we are 1-2 week backlogged."

The crew at Tholl Fence has been slammed with fence repairs around the Truckee Meadows. Appelbaum says the hardest hit areas include South Meadows and Spanish Springs.

As for the number of calls for repairs they're seeing:

“That's growing vastly, everyday it's more and more. But right now, it's 40-50."

He doesn't expect things to calm down for the fence industry for a while.

“We'll still be getting calls for quite some time. It will take some time to get caught up on these wind calls."