An unusual group of political activists descended on the Nevada Legislature Monday asking for more support for higher education.

College students from all over the state were in Carson City in the hopes of convincing lawmakers to allot more funding to higher ed.

What they really want is an expanded financial aid package for those who need it most.

"That is my biggest priority, is state-supported and need-based financial aid." Stephanie Prevost, TMCC Student Government President.

Truckee Meadows Community College Student Ashley Meyers adds, "The only reason I was able to ever go to college was because of financial aid from governments.”

Students tell us that with tuition slated to go up every year, it's getting more difficult to afford school without taking out excessive student loans or working multiple jobs.

They, along with the Nevada System of Higher Education, are asking to start a state-funded, need-based financial aid program. They also want a community college workforce development fund that would help community colleges better tailor their programs to the jobs available in the current market.

And they're asking to expand the Millennium Scholarship so students can afford to take enough credits per semester in order to graduate in four years.

"They're really pushing for completion. For students to be able to take 15 credits, but currently the Millennium Scholarship doesn't have capacity to fund that,” says Provost.

Right now the Millennium Scholarship funds 12 credits per semester. They're asking to increase that to 15. They also want to increase the minimum credit load from six to 12.