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Nevada Legislators Consider Gun Bill

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A Senate Committee is hearing arguments over a bill that would restrict gun ownership in some cases, while expanding Second Amendment rights in other situations.

Senate Bill 175 would prevent anyone convicted of domestic violence from owning a firearm.

The Republican sponsored bill would also expand justifiable homicide.

"We want to have specific criteria in statute that provides for the presumption of justified.” 

Senator Michael Roberson says SB 175 is important for the citizens of Nevada because it clarifies existing law.

In particular -- this bill expands the definition of justifiable homicide to include entering an occupied car -- unlawfully and with force. "We're talking about carjacking,” says Sen. Roberson.

"Just to make it clearer, a person does have the right in an occupied vehicle to protect their life, says Sen. James Settelmeyer, (R) Minden.

"These laws embolden individuals to settle conflicts by reaching for their firearms instead of using their words."

Lucy McBath's son, Jordan Davis was shot to death in Florida, when he was 17 years old. She worries that this law could result in more innocent lives lost. "You're expanding the shooter's ability to be immune from any accountability for his or her actions."

Sponsors say the bill would make victims of domestic assault safer and crack down on people that have a restraining order against them.

"It will help protect individuals in domestic assault situations from not allowing those individuals to have in their possession or purchase a weapon,” says Sen. Settelmeyer.

Sen. Ford adds, "I think this bill ultimately defiles some of what the domestic issues are by including in it gun bills that expand opportunities for innocent people to be killed." 

If passed, the bill would also allow CCW holders from other states to carry a concealed weapon in the Silver State. "This will allow freer movement of individuals when they travel,” says Sen. Settelmeyer.

Sen. Ford adds, "I believe that some states have lesser standards for how you qualify to obtain a CCW. And the question is do we want to relinquish our own state sovereignty in determining who can carry a concealed weapon.”

A lot was said about "Stand Your Ground" laws today that allow people to use deadly force even if they can retreat.

The sponsors of this bill made it clear that these laws will not change, but would change the castle doctrine that allows protection of your home and property.

To read more about bills in this session, click here.
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