"On the count of three, I want you to interlace your fingers like this and I want you to focus all your attention on the tips of your fingers." Chris Cady has studied hypnosis for more than 25 years. He says it can help people focus, athletes perform and it is even a stage fright remedy for entertainers. For Chris, however, it saved his life. Years ago while working at a Concord, California mall Chris witnessed a horrific plane crash. It came barreling through the roof - killing seven and injuring dozens more. "The building was burning down. I saw the fireball. It was carnage; I got involved in the rescue efforts and I was completely fearless during that time." Soon after, he couldn't shake the gruesome images; he couldn't escape the nightmares. Chris says P.T.S.D. set in and no one could help. So Chris learned to hypnotize himself and it worked.

Years later, the entertainer is using the skills he studied to cope - also for fun. "One, two, three, loosen, relax, deep sleep”. Mena and Rob Spodobalski have been happily married for 22 years. They agreed to let Chris put them in a hypnotic trance to focus on love. "This beautiful rose has magnetic powers in it right here.
Just focus your attention right there." When he snapped his fingers they were literally pulled towards it.

"Under hypnosis they take things very literally. They believe everything you say as if it's absolute fact." Then Chris tapped into their subconscious and the feelings when they first met. Seconds later, the couple started kissing like newlyweds.

Chris also guided them through their other passions. For Mena, it is fitness. The owner of Evoke Fitness competes in figure competitions. With a snap of Chris' fingers, he had her posing on stage - as if in front of a panel of judges. Rob used to play competitive soccer.

"One, two, three. Your team Arsenal has won.” "Yes! Woo!" yelled Rob as he held his medal tightly with pride. All the feelings of winning came back. Rob and Mena were under for about a half-hour and while they did not remember many of the specifics, they both say they felt refreshed after being hypnotized. “It was something fun to do as a couple.”

You can ‘Hypnotize Your Valentine' at Chris' show this Saturday at the Nugget in Sparks. Tickets are $15. Along with a fun date night, you will also be able to show love to other people and animals. Chris is asking people to bring canned food for the Food Bank of Northern Nevada or animal toys for the SPCA. To buy tickets, log onto: http://www.chriscady.com/valentinesday-show-in-reno-sparks-nevada-entertainment.html