The Judiciary Committee is looking at Assembly Bill 2, that would loosen gun restrictions in vehicles, on school campuses. Speaker John Hambrick is the sponsor of the bill. Several more gun bills will be discussed during the 78th Legislative Session.

"The fact that a gun may be in a vehicle should not stop the owner of that vehicle from going anywhere in the state," Hambrick, (R) Las Vegas said.

Assemblywoman Olivia Diaz is on the Judiciary Committee and says she has serious questions about the proposed law change.

"You have a gun in your vehicle and it's easily accessible, I mean, that can create a whole host of problems for our communities," Diaz, (D) North Las Vegas said.

If passed, the bill would allow people to have guns or other weapons in their cars, on college campuses and on the grounds of both public and private schools.  It stipulates that the vehicle has to be occupied or locked, or the weapon is stored in a locked container that's fixed to the vehicle.

"As a public school educator, I have some serious concerns over public safety issues," Diaz said.

Having weapons in a car, on school grounds is currently a gross misdemeanor in Nevada.  This proposal would eliminate that.

"If they leave it there, they should not have to worry about being penalized," Hambrick said.

Some question the bill, in light of recent school violence like the Sparks Middle School shooting in 2013.  Hambrick says he understands those concerns but does not think AB2 would increase crime.

"No one with a gun permit and no one with the training has committed any of those crimes," Hambrick said. "They were other individuals, whether mental health issues or other issues. But no one that has gone through training and had a lawful permit committed any of those crimes."

"You can't just say lawful, abiding citizens will do the right thing," Diaz said. "I'm not concerned about them, in this bill. I'm honestly concerned about everybody who does not abide by the laws."

Assemblywoman Michele Fiore plans to reintroduce a bill that would allow concealed weapon permits on college campuses.  That bill died in committee two years ago.  Diaz questions the need for the bill, saying only 11 students have requested CCWs on campus.

Written by Paul Nelson