The deadline to enroll for Marketplace Health Insurance Coverage – through the Affordable Care Act – is February 15
. In tonight's Money Watch Q and A segment, Mike Dillon, of Dillon Insurance Services, will be taking your questions about buying coverage, renewing your plan and the penalties for not having health insurance.

It is also important to note changes in tax rules this year and it could affect how much money you do or don't get from Uncle Sam. Most people who signed up for coverage through the Affordable Care Act will get a tax credit - based on your estimated income. If that does not match your actual income, however, you could actually owe the government money. Regardless of whether or not you signed up for health insurance through the Exchange, you will see something new on your tax form this year; you will be asked if you have health insurance. Be on the lookout for the 1095A form that needs to be returned with your taxes.

To calculate the fee for not having health coverage, click on:

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